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Positive Behavior Supports



Positive behavior supports Roll Out Kits give schools a set of visual aids to create a positive and productive learning culture. These visual aids are designed around using the school mascot as a role model to demonstrate the desired behaviors. Children embrace, and gravitate to mascots. They identify as part of a community of lions, tigers, eagles, or whatever their mascot is. With the proper tools, it’s easy to create a sense of community, and behavioral expectations, around your mascot.

That’s why every tool in our PBIS Roll Out Kits is designed around YOUR school mascot. These kits include custom designed posters, banners, hallway signs, Gotcha rewards and robust clipart sets that are perfect for yearbook design, t-shirts, newsletters, lesson sheets and virtually anything. And the mascot pulls it all together as part of a tight community of “good little” cougars, panthers, cardinals (whatever your mascot is).

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Click through the tabs to see examples of our work and what is included in the Roll Out Kits.

Theme Banner

Positive Behavior Supports Roll Out Kits

This is a sample of one of the posters we designed as part of a school’s PBIS Roll Out Kit. They wanted their cougar mascot wearing apparel that could be purchased in their book store, using Cougar Cash. We also designed the Cougar Cash, and provided custom street signs, banners and posters to go throughout the school.

Rules Poster




Gotcha Rewards

Positive Behavior Supports Reward

The Cougar Cash was customized with the school’s PBIS theme, and a cut-off tracking slip so the student could take the Cougar Cash home, but the administrator who handed it out, could retain it for records, and include it in a drawing to reward good behavior. We have a large library of mascots, so it is easy to customize projects for any school.

Street Signs

Positive Behavior Supports Hallway Signs

Also part of this school’s PBIS Roll Out Kit were this set of street, or hallway signs. Each is customized with their mascot, and they got to choose exactly what each sign read. Schools can even choose the color of the signs, if they want to reinforce their school colors. You get 26 signs in a set, and they are a great way to build a sense of community around your mascot.

Standard Clipart

Cougar Mascot Clipart Set

This is our standard clipart set for all mascots. It includes 48, or more, illustrations of the mascot doing a variety of school related activities. These are great for yearbook design, newsletters, bulletins, worksheets and virtually anything. It’s a great tool for all your teachers to use, and create a strong culture of positive expectations within your school.

Behavior Clipart

Positive behavior supports clipart set

This a series of Positive Behavior Clipart Sets designed around the cougar mascot. We provide 3 illustrations for each behavioral expectation in your PBIS theme. Use these illustrations to explain the different ways each expectation can be applied.